The Woke Writer

The Woke Writer | A Companion for The Conscious Muslim Woman Writer

Tailored for Muslim women according to the Quran and authentic Sunnah, this book goes beyond conventional writing advice. Learn to engage different parts of your brain, tap into your womanhood for optimal writing, and embrace a state of abundance in your creative endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Four parts: The Soul, The Eye, The Vision, Look Deeper
  • Tailor-made for Muslim women
  • Deep exploration of faith, values, and creativity
  • Inspiration-driven approach to writing
  • Practical tools for recognizing and utilizing inspiration in your writing

“The Woke Writer” is a must-read for Muslim women writers looking to overcome obstacles, reignite their passion, and bring their literary visions to life. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your writing journey and discover the joy of creating with inspiration as your guide. Ideal for fans of motivational literature and a perfect gift for aspiring authors. Act now and embark on a journey to transform your writing experience – “The Woke Writer” awaits!


Although we all subconsciously know that we’re here to worship Allah, the haze and gloom (or glitz) of this dunya blurs our vision. Our primary purpose becomes a faded backdrop as we focus on pursuing our passionate purpose. Aishah makes it a point to remind that through our passionate purpose too, we are meant to serve our primary purpose. And if it doesn’t serve, well, there’s a lot for us to learn in the book. From understanding Islam and our purpose, to handling emotions, to pledge and blueprint of being woke; the book, with all the baby and big steps to accomplish your sensible living and writerly goals, is just as humbling an experience as it is inspiring. It did help me recenter my focus during these trying times when I’ve lost my focus often. 

The book speaks in sister Aishah’s genuine tone— compassionate, inspiring, determined and succinct. She’s the only one who knows how often I’ve turned to her with my woes and she has put them to rest with her deep knowledge and never-say-die spirit. Having this book truly feels like being in her companionship. 

This book is hardly 200 pages, but with references, precise wording and practical steps, it encompasses the knowledge and wisdom multiple times over. As much as I wanted to dive into every bit of it before posting a review, I just couldn’t. Cuz the world works a certain way and we must post our reviews early on to let people know the book is worth their investment. If there’s one thing I’d like to say about this book, it’d be that this isn’t a book to read and get over with; it’s the kinda book you keep on your desk and keep turning to over & over. It’s like a bowl of protein (eeman) packed salad you keep in your fridge for when you’re hungry or just need a quick pick-me-up: nutritious and filling. It is what it says, a Muslim woman writer’s companion (maybe we can drop the word writers, cuz everyone’s bound to benefit from it). And who could’ve offered this any better than someone who is just as desirable a companion as her words and wisdom is. 

I pray this book finds it’s place on your desk, in your handbag, on your desktop screen, on your nightstand, or your kitchen counter—always somewhere accessible.

Sarah Muhammed

Kashmir Maryam

Fatima Zahra