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The Woke Writer Course


The Woke Writer is a transformative on demand course designed to guide writers through the challenges of writer’s block, considering the elements of faith, emotions, womanhood, and beyond!

Exclusive writing course for Muslim women.
Created by me, Aishah Alam, founder of Strange Inc. and co-author of ‘Lockdown.’, ‘Poetic Justice’
Focuses on self-discovery, inspiration, and aligning creativity with faith.

Have you ever felt like

  • You’re drowning in writer’s block, as if you can’t push to the end of the page?
  • Frustrated by the uninspiring nature of traditional writing courses?
  • Longed for a course that sparks creativity, aligning with your unique experiences?
  • Craved a writing journey that dives into faith, emotion, and the essence of womanhood?

Well, your not alone…

We’ve had a lot of people tell us that they’re having a really hard time finishing their books. So we did a little research and found some pretty interesting statistics.

In one study from Turkey, only 6% of first-year students surveyed reported never experiencing writer’s block. Only 6%. An overwhelming 70% faced this beast occasionally. Among U.S. graduate students, it’s a common struggle, with 55-64% not completing their dissertations even a decade after starting.

And check this out, out of the 97% of people who embark on the noble quest of writing a novel, only 3% persevere.

  • 30 out of 1,000 souls go on to finish what they started.
  • Merely 6 out of those 30 see their creation in print.

The problem isn’t perfecting your knowledge on writing craft.

It is the lack of what makes you want to write in the first place… It is Inspiration it self. 


The Woke Writer Course!


In this course we address the missing link of inspiration with a profound exploration of faith, values, and creativity. 

What you will gain

  1. Your Creative Breakthrough:

    • We will sail through writer’s block with strategies tailored exclusively for you. Together, we’ll dismantle barriers, guiding you to triumphantly reach the final pages of your creation.
  2. Faith as Your Creative Guide:

    • Your writing journey is crafted to resonate with the authentic teachings of Islam, specifically designed for Muslim women. 
  3. Guidance from Aishah Alam, Your Mentor:

    • Walk alongside me, Aishah, your mentor, and founder of Strange Inc. As the author of ‘The Woke Writer’ and co-author of ‘Lockdown’ and ‘Poetic Justice,’ I will personally share insights from my journey and offer mentorship to nurture your unique writing skills.
  4. Uncover Your Unique Voice:

    • On your journey of self-discovery, you will draw inspiration directly from your experiences. You will also learn to infuse authenticity and uniqueness into your writing, crafting a narrative that truly mirrors your individuality.
  5. Harmony of Creativity and Faith:

    • You will explore the beautiful synchronization of your creative process with your faith. You will also develop a writing process which takes into account all of you: mind, body, emotions and spirituality. 
  6. Ignite Your Personal Creative Spark:

    • You will fuel your creativity with goes beyond craft and focuses on the meaning behind it. This course talks about the very spark of the idea, and approaches learning tailored precisely to your interests, passions, and goals, reigniting your personal creative flame.
  7. Address Your Writing Challenges:

    • You will enjoy a complimentary one-on-one coaching session with me to address your specific writing challenges. Together, we’ll ensure the course is finely tuned to your needs, empowering you to conquer any hurdles in your writing journey.
  8. Increase Your Completion Confidence:

    • We will step beyond daunting statistics with personalized tools and strategies and you will gain the confidence to complete your writing projects as we work together to persevere and succeed in your creative endeavors.
  9. Your Path to Publication:

    • Gain practical insights into the journey from writing to publication. Turn your aspirations into reality as we navigate the steps together, ensuring your creations see the light in print, allowing your voice to resonate with the world. 

We cover 14 lessons in three modules:

The Soul

The Eyes and

The Vision 


  • A copy of the deluxe edition of The Woke Writer | A Companion for The Muslim Woman Writer personally signed by me, Aishah and shipped anywhere shipping is allowed in the world. This deluxe edition is a beautiful hardback copy of The Woke Writer with a green spine and embossed ink, end pages and bronze edged pages and gorgeous bookmark. 
  • One 60 minute One on One coaching  session with me.
  • Access to a compilation of over five hours of original audio content captured during the inaugural live session of The Woke Writer Course in February 2022.

What others are saying about this course

I enjoyed the rich focus on merging intuition, our connection with divine inspiration, and writing from the heart to produced genuinely channeled content.


I enjoyed it, it was extremely informative and self validating. It was also different which makes it lucrative ♥️

Naimah B.

This course is eye-opening and in touch with the inner self and inner awareness. This class is also a place for womanhood and community.

Ashiya Ali

This course is for you if…

  • You’re a Muslim woman seeking to overcome writer’s block and elevate your writing.
  • Caters to both novice and experienced writers.
  • Specifically designed for those looking for inspiration rooted in Islamic principles.

This course isn’t a good fit for:

  • Those seeking a conventional, solely technical writing course.
  • For individuals not interested in exploring the intersection of faith and writing.

What to Expect with the Modules:

  • Three modules unfolding over 8 weeks with a total of 14 lessons.
  • Journey includes surrendering to inspiration, manifesting vision, and optimizing writing techniques.

Special bonus: Exclusive deluxe edition hardback cover of “The Woke Writer” with unique features enhancing the overall experience.

Meet your instructor

Peace, it’s Aishah! I value an authentic and compassionate approach in educating others with degrees in Islamic Studies from Mishkah University and Social Work. Drawing on my rich background as the founder of Strange Inc., a non-profit publishing house, I offer a holistic learning experience that explores the intersections of mind, body, spirit, and emotions in the art of writing.

Throughout this course, participants will benefit from my small steps outlined for you with soulful guidance, and my unique perspective as a published author and founder of a publishing house. This educational journey goes beyond traditional writing courses, fostering personal and creative growth through the written word.

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  • “The Woke Writer” is an on demand course designed to help you overcome writer’s block and elevate your writing.
  • Crafted by me, Aishah Alam, founder of Strange Inc., author of The Woke Writer Book and co-author of ‘Lockdown.’ And ‘Poetic Justice’
  • Uncover inspiration through faith, values, and creativity with three modules
  • Ideal for Muslim women writers seeking a unique and immersive writing experience
  • Don’t miss the exclusive deluxe edition of “The Woke Writer” as a special bonus
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